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We are Dedicated to Helping Working Minnesotans.

Since 1985, Allen Webb Law has been helping work and personal injury victims get the benefits and compensation that they deserve. Over our 30 years of experience we have represented thousands of workers’ compensation and personal injury clients with many kinds of injuries and have won awards at trial, on appeal, and even at the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota, Allen learned early on the value of hard work and diligence required to bring a case to a successful conclusion. As a veteran of the armed forces, he is also keenly aware of the meaning of service and sacrifice for just causes. We understand the importance of your case, no matter how big or small your claim, and are ready to fight to protect your rights.

Our Workers’ Compensation Cases

At Allen Webb Law we represent every level of Minnesota and Federal Workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. We have achieved successful results on both minor and major claims and have appeared before the Minnesota Supreme Court on multiple occasions with winning results. Even if you suspect your case is minor, we believe everyone deserves fair representation to ensure they receive the benefits they are entitled to.

We can assist you with all aspects of your workers’ compensation claim including:

  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Medical reimbursements
  • Recovering of lost wages
  • Compensation for permanent disabilities

Dedicated. Experienced. Professional.

minnesota workers compensation attorney allen webb

Allen R. Webb

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Attorney

Allen Webb has dedicated his career to helping injury victims get back on the road to recovery. Over the course of his career he has been a standing member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, an editor of Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Desk Book, a speaker & author at Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, and was designated a top 5% “Super Lawyer” by Minnesota Law & Politics magazine.

Allen proudly attended university and law school in his home state at the University of Minnesota, earning his JD in 1983.

Some of our previous representations include:

  • A client sustained a severe injury to his arm in a work accident. Ultimately, his lower arm had to be amputated. He needed a prosthesis, and wanted something more than a basic mechanical limb, which his insurer claimed was all that he needed. We fought for and won, after appeals, his right to a state-of-the art electronic hand/arm, which allowed him to continue many of his pre-injury sports and hobbies.
  • A client sustained a work injury in the form of chemical dermatitis, and could no longer continue his historical occupation. His workers’ compensation insurer disputed both his injury and his inability to continue in his job. We fought for and won approval of a retraining program for Richard as a PGA golf professional, and he succeeded in the program. He is now working as a certified PGA professional at a Florida golf course.
  • After her work injury left her with substantial continuing neck pain, our client’s workers’ compensation insurer refused to approve injection therapy that would relieve her pain, and would allow her to continue working and being active a home. We litigated the matter and won approval of the injection therapy; she continues to be able to work and to carry on her daily living activities.
  • Our client was an older worker who had previously been diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. She fell at work, injuring her left knee and her doctors prescribed knee replacement surgery. The workers’ compensation insurer refused to pay for surgery, claiming that it was not responsible for a pre-existing condition. We tried the case and won an award of the recommended surgery and benefits for Elsie while she recovered.

You pay nothing unless we recover for you.

Contact Allen Web Law and let our experienced staff fight to ensure you are receiving the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to.

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