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Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law Video Series

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When choosing an attorney in any case, but especially in a workers compensation case, there’s three things that really matter; experience, experience, and experience. I’ve been practicing Minnesota workers’ compensation law for over 30 years now. During that time I’ve represented clients throughout Minnesota, not just in the Twin Cities, in all kinds of cases from things as small as unpaid medical bills, to cases as large, as complex, and as tragic as work place death. I’ve learned over that time how to prepare a case, how to present the case, and how to win a settlement or award. And I’ve done that at all levels from trial all the way through appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court. If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident call someone with experience. Call us. There’s no charge to discuss your case. You pay a fee only if we win a settlement or award for you.

Choosing a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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A lot of my workers’ compensation clients talk to me about a particular concern they have, and that is that they will be terminated from their job for filing a workers’ compensation claim or that they will be somehow blackballed or treated differently once they’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim. I tell my clients, and I think it’s important for everyone to know, that Minnesota law specifically prohibits an employer from discharging, threating to discharge, or obstructing an employee who is seeking workers’ compensation benefits. You do have the protection of the law behind you when you are pursuing workers’ compensation benefits and your employer cannot take any adverse action against you for doing so.

Employee Job Protection During a Workers’ Compensation Claim

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One of the issues that comes up frequently in my workers’ compensation practice is the issue of an employee’s pre-injury wage. The pre-injury wage is the benchmark, or the basis, for paying all wage loss benefits. And it is very important that the pre-injury wage be calculated correctly. If you’re off of work and receiving a wage-loss benefit, that benefit must be based on not just your base pay, it should also be based on things such as overtime (if it’s appropriate), it should be based upon a second job, if you had a second job at the time of the injury, and in certain instances production and personal bonuses are also to be included in your wage. In my experience the insurers very often get this issue wrong and are not paying at a correct rate. If you have questions about the rate you’re being paid or the wage that is being used to calculate that rate, call us.

How Wage-loss Benefits are Calculated in Workers’ Compensation Claims

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If you’ve been injured in a Minnesota work-related accident and you’re off of work for an extended period of time, you are entitled to the services of a person called a QRC- a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant. Most people don’t know that you, as the injured employee, are allowed to choose your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant, rather someone just shows up at your door and says, “Hi, I’m here from the insurance company. I’m your QRC.” Remember, you have the right to choose who your QRC will be, and that person can be very, very important in determining the course of your worker compensation claims. Get a QRC of your own choosing. We can help you with that. Call us.

Your Right to Choose Your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant

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A lot of individuals injured in the workplace are afraid to file a claim because they do not have legal documentation to work. Minnesota case law and Minnesota law itself now provides that you do not need to be a documented worker in order to claim and receive Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits. If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, call us.

Immigrant Worker Documentation During a Workers’ Compensation Claim

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Minnesota has a fair number of federal workers, and federal workers are governed by a different workers’ compensation system than state workers. If you are a federal employee, you have a case that is going to be handled by an agency called the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, OWCP. I’ve been working with OWCP clients and cases for over 20 years now. I have experience in obtaining scheduled awards, disputing denials in medical care, and in prosecuting denied claims. If you have questions about a federal workers’ compensation case, call us.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Claims in Minnesota

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